Saturday 1 October 2011

Purported Results Of Meeting Between SCAF & Egypt's Political Parties

Many online sources, including reputable ones (e.g. Journalist Mohamed El Garhey), claim to have the results of the meeting between Egypt's Political Parties & SCAF, and they make that claim with great certainty. The purported results are:

1- A study of the ending of the Emergency Law & the enactment of the infamous "Treason Law" to take place with a week. If enacted, the law would ban major NDP figures (especially previous NDP parliamentarians) from political office for TWO years, as per the reports.

2- Article 5 of the Election Law is to be amended, allowing members of political parties to contest direction election seats, which represent 34% of the upcoming parliament's seats. Previously and until this moment, that was not the case.

3- All political parties, including all the Islamists, are to accept the Constitutional Principles Charter, which defines & enshrines basic civil rights, the civil nature of the state (i.e. non military, non theocratic), and sets the guidelines for selecting the 100-person committee which will write the next constitution, a committee which is to be created by the parliament. Until this moment, many Islamists are officially against the document.

We all share await further confirmation of this news of course. Initial reaction by Egyptians online to these leaks has been somewhat positive, though it is still too early to tell anything.

UPDATE: Official state media confirmed that Article Five is to be amended, and that the emergency law is to be reviewed.

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