Friday 14 October 2011

UPDATE 2: Roundup of Recent Egypt Electoral Alliance Splits

Basically, there have been some serious splits today in the two major electoral blocs in Egypt. Just a quick roundup until I get more info, here's what we know via Al Shorouk & AlMasry AlYoum (AMAY):

Applying For The Elections (Courtesy: AMAY)

1- The Egyptian Bloc, which originally featured over 15 parties, has lost the following parties: The Popular Socialist Coalition, The Egyptian Communist Party, Equality & Development, and The New Independents. Oddly, AMAY: reports four parties splitting as well, but names the last two differently as: "The Current", and "Peace" Parties. Not yet sure if that means 6 parties are out, or just four, but there is an error in reporting, as no other credible source has the story yet. Will confirm in a few hours. Reasons for the split include ex-NDP members running with the Egyptian Bloc, and also (of course) the allocation of seats within the Bloc.

2- The Democratic Alliance, the larger of the two blocks (currently featuring over 30 parties, previously once crossing 80 actual and potential parties), lost two Salafi Parties: Nour (Light), and Asala ("Faithfulness" To Origin or "Originality") parties. AMAY says both parties were offered 8 seats each, whereas the latter alone wanted to context 80 seats. There were also disagreements over the division of seats & candidates between Proportional Representation & Direct Election, and candidates per district. A day earlier, the Islamic "Labour" party, banned under Mubarak, also bowed out of the Democratic Alliance (According to Moheet), citing the alliance's "lack of appreciation of the party and its long history, and its equality with cartoonish parties in the alliance."

In a few hours, more will be confirmed.

Update: The Arab Nasserist Party just left the Democratic Alliance as well, citing the Muslim Brotherhood's "desire to control parliament."

Update 2: "Egypt Of Freedom" party (Masr Al Hurriyya) also leaves the Egyptian Bloc, claiming the bloc's electoral lists is laden with ex-NDP figures. Interestingly, Amr Hamzawy, head of EOP, will run as an independent.

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