Wednesday 9 November 2011

English: Full Text Of Egypt's Constitutional Principles Document (Original Draft)

There has been an immense call for an English version of the full text of Egypt's Constitutional Principles Document, otherwise called "The Supra-constitutional Principles Document". The document is an attempt to create a binding charter of entrenched constitutional clauses & principles that would guide the process of creating the upcoming legislative assembly, as well as the actual spirit & articles of the new Egyptian constitution. The Document was drafted by the Egyptian Cabinet under the supervision of Egypt's ruling Military Council, and the effort was spearheaded by deputy PM Dr. Ali El Selmi. The document has become in fact known informally and in many news outlets in Egypt as "El Selmi's Document". Below is the original draft away from all recent proposed & adopted amendments, translated by Constitution.Net. The file was originally a PDF, and was turned into separate standard pictures. You can still access the full original PDF here. You can also check out my own highlights of the text's original (Arabic) draft and its first set of amendments, as well as the original Arabic text. 

(Hint: click on the pictures for a higher size & resolution)

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