Saturday 12 January 2013

Batman in Egypt

I had seen those before, but forgot to share them. These deserve a post though. Here he is: Batman in Egypt.

On the serious side: Batman in Tahrir.

And on a more casual note: Batman going around Cairo, experiencing the local life and culture.

UPDATE: On an electoral note, here is Batman voting in the presidential elections run off. Or perhaps, it was someone voting for Batman. (courtesy of @Ayouti)

On a historical note, here is Batman in Pharaonic times. Not sure exactly what's happening there, whether he's killing Anubis or Seth, or they're throwing birds at each other.

While moving around, he was surprised to find an add for "Batman And Robin" still painted on a wall till this day off Ramses, in Cairo. Of course, Batman wasn't particularly proud of that particular movie.

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