Tuesday 27 December 2011

Ahmed Shafik, Rolex Model?

Well, today this picture surfaced on Twitter (thanks to Karim Abdeldayem for sharing it with me) of former Egypt PM, and current Presidential Candidate, Ahmed Shafik in what appeared to be a (horribly timed!) Rolex ad. It still seemed "somehow" possible and plausible, design looking acceptable, until I read the world's greatest caption, on the upper left side. "Cat fights is his favourite sport", "Underwater photographer." At that moment, my entire being was dying for this to be true.

Then, another one surfaced (thanks to Reem for sharing it), and it was clear this whole thing was quite a funny hoax. Here's a whole different branding strategy and marketing approach, with Shafik appearing to appeal to the wider masses. This time, cheap local tea brand "Al Arousa Tea".

Finally, Maha Bahnassy sent me a link with to original picture. Apparently, it's a photography studio called "Positive Image" (oh, the irony).

I wonder if these two products are the only ones we'll be seeing...

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