Sunday 3 February 2013

Memorable Screenshot: Mohamad "Cristy" Hussein Updates Facebook On June 25th 2012

This screenshot is being shared all over the Egypt blogosphere. It's of a Facebook status update dated June 25th 2012 by Mohamad "Cristy" Hussein, a young man who was shot while protesting by the presidential palace two nights ago. Cristy was also an admin of the facebook page "Lying Brothers," an anti-MB page. The status update, which celebrates Morsi's victory over former Mubarak Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq in the recent presidential elections, reads:

"To hell, you Shafiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiq. And a thousand congratulaaaaaations Morsi, and I pray to God you succeed [as a president] and rise up to the responsibility. And you should know that you have a fierce opposition that won't* be silent about any mistake, and will oppose you with all fierceness but only for what is righteous."

* I assumed a minor typo here and wrote it in the corrected manner.

Then, someone who appears to be pro-Shafiq, and seemingly one of those anonymous hired-hand accounts used political groups to prop support or attack certain political figures or issues, responded: "Isa [short for inshallah] you'll regret the regret of your lifetime."

Cristy then responded with an extended laugh.

The news website Al-Mogaz features the video widely shared as being that of Cristy being shot. I could not embed it here because I mainly could not look at it anymore. Here is the link:

Rest in peace, Cristy.

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