Tuesday 22 May 2012

Brookings Poll Bravely Tries To Understand Egypt

There is no secret that opinion polls about Egypt have been anything but consistent. A lot of criticism has been said with regards to the methodology or phrasing of many questions. Setting that aside for a moment, Brookings embarked on a very interesting poll that ended May 10th (before the Presidential Debate).

Source: Brookings

Some findings: 54% percent think Turkey is the most attractive model for Egypt to emulate; 71% think the Brotherhood was wrong to field a presidential candidate after they said they wouldn't; and while 66% want to see the Sharia' as the basis of Egyptian laws, 83% want to see it adapted to "fit modern times." "Trust" is the leading criteria for selecting a presidential candidate, followed by the position on the economy, then his record and experience, which is different from the criteria in the Parliamentary elections. Oh, and apparently Mitt Romney is more popular in Egypt than he is in Utah and Massachusetts. Check out the Brookings Poll Here.

An Arabic translation of the poll's main results could be found here.

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