Thursday 8 March 2012

Full List Of Egyptian Presidential Candidates

Below is the first attempt at compiling a complete list of Egyptians who announced their intention to run for the Presidency. This list is incomplete, constantly under revision and development, and not in any particular order. This is merely a census attempt, and includes candidates who have dropped out (marked) as well less serious candidates. Remember that not all of these candidates will be able to qualify for an official nomination, as a candidate must either get the endorsement of 30 MPs, 30,000 signatures of Egyptian citizens from multiple governorates, or come from a party that has at least one seat in Parliament. The list will be updated, edited, and more information will be added to it over the next few days. This list is a mirror of the original Arabic one, which could be found here.

If you find a missing candidate, or you find any inaccuracy in the information below, please inform me in a comment below or via Twitter. Thank you in advance.

The list:

1- Dr. Mohammed El-Baradei - Former IAEA Chief (Withdrew from race)
2- MP Abul-Ezz El-Hariri - Candidate for the Popular Socialist Alliance Party
3- Hisham Al-Bastawisi - Judge, and former deputy head of the Court Of Cassation
4- Dr. Mohammed El-Nesha'ie - Engineer
5- Lieutenant-General Hossam Khairallah - former deputy head of the Egyptian Intelligence.
6- Lieutenant- General Magdy Hatata - Former Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Egyptian Army (Withdrew from race)
7- Ambassador Abdallah Al-Ash'aal
8- Buthaina Kamel - TV Presenter and activist (First female candidate)
9- Dr. Abdel-Moneim Abul-Fotouh - Doctor, former Muslim Brotherhood member
10- Lieutenant-General Ahmed Shafiq - former Prime Minister
11- Hazem Salah Abu-Ismail - Lawyer, Islamic Evangelist
12- Amr Moussa - Former Secretary General of the Arab League, and former Foreign Minister
13- Khaled Ali - Labour and Human Rights lawyer
14- Hamdeen Sabbahy - founder of the Karama Nasserist Political Party (under construction)
15- Mansour Hassan - Former Information Minister
16- Dr. Mohammed Selim El-Awwa - Lawyer, Islamic thinker.
17- Dr. Tawfiq Okasha - Tv presenter, Director of the Fara'een Channel (Withdrew from race)
18- Mona El-Brens - Novelist (Second female candidate)
19- Mortada Mansour - Lawyer, and former judge
20- Dr. Bassem Khafaga - Managerial and Educational development expert
21- Dr. Hassan Naf'aa - Professor of political science in Cairo University
22- Mamdouh Qotb - former high-ranking official in the Egyptian Intelligence
23- Major Yasser Abul-Magd - Firefighter
24- Samir Mahmoud Othman - Lawyer in the High Appellate Court and State Council
25- Moussa Mustafa Moussa - Head of Al-Ghad party
26- Mahmoud Sherif - Former Minister of Local Administration
27- Adel Fakhry Daniale - Representative of the founders of the Istiqama Party
28- Abdel-Rady Abu-Leila - Judge
29- Safwat El-Araby - Brother Of Education Minister (Insufficient data)
30- Khaled Mohammed Eid - Former Jama'a Islamiyya Member
31- Hossam Shaltout - Nominee for the Takaful party (Has an American nationality as well, technically can't run)
32- Ahmed El-Garhy - Football Referee
33- Major-General Mohammed Hosny Mubarak (cousin of former President Mubarak)
34- Mohammed Fawzy - Lawyer
35- Nasser Ahmed El-Saeed Badr - Lawyer
36- Ahmed Sarhan - Former police officer
37- Yehia Hussien Abdel-Hady - Engineer
38- Ibrahim Al-Gharib - Economic Development Expert
39- Ahmed El-Moslemany - Journalist and Television Presenter
40- Mohammed Mahmoud Ramadan - Businessman
41- Morad Abdel-Fattah Hussein - Mechanic, known as "Sasa The Mechanic"
42- Mohammed Abdel-Khaleq Al-Bedeiwy - Manager of Salma Cosmetic Hospital
43- MP Mohammed El-Omda - From Aswan
44- Dr. Mohammed Moqbel - Owner of Al-Badr Television Channel
45- Nader Abul-Leef - singer
46- Magdy Ahmed Hussein - Secretary General Of The Labour Party (Party is legally frozen)
47- Dr. Abdel-Azeem Negm - Engineering Professor in Zagazig Univeristy
48- Dr. Hamed Al-Hamed - Astronomist
49- Major-General Mohammed Ali Belal - Commander of the Egyptian forces in the 1991 Kuwait War (withdrew from the race)
50- Mohammed Abdel-Hakim Habib - Former Deputy Head Of The Court Of High Appellate Court In Tanta
51- Hassan Ragai' Hassan - Sinai Activist
52- Abu-Bakr Sedqy Shahhat Mahmoud - Al-Azhar Employee
53- Heidar Boghdady - former NDP influential member
54- Hamdy Moseilhy Shalaby - Lawyer
55- Yasser Oura - Engineer, also ran for the Shura Council Elections
56- Mahmoud Hossam - Head Of The Al-Bedaya Party
57- Farghal Abo-Deif  Ateyya - From Sohag, works in constructions.
58- Mohsen Mohammed Fouad Fayed - Engineeer
59- Dr. Sadeq Radwan - Economic Development Consultant
60- Dr. Medhat Khafagy - Professor Of Surgical Oncology
61- Gamal Abdel-Nasser 'Awadein
62- Dr. Saeed Al-Gharib - Professor of Mass Communications in Cairo University
63- Major-General Dr. Magdy Al-Ghobashy - Head Of The Omraneyya Neighbourhood
64- Mahmoud Gelgel
65- Mahmoud Hossam
66- Dr. Alaa Rezq - Economic and Strategic expert
67- Dr. Maher Mohammed Hashem - Former Military Officer
68- El Sayyed Abdallah Hassan "Zaza" - Mathematic Teacher
69- Yehia Hussein Abdel-Hady - Head of the leadership development centre
70- Dr. Mohammed Hany Zahran - Military Commander
71- Dr. Mohammed Fawzy Eissa - Former Police Major-General
72- Abdel-Qader Khalifa Saa'doun - Agricultural Engineer
73- Mohammed El-Sayyed El-Mahallawy - Writer and Novelist
74- Mohammed Fawzy - Lawyer
75- Bahaa El-Din Al-Masry
76- Abdel-Baset Mohammed
77- Osama Shaltout
78- Hoda Farag - Political Analyst and writer, first female to obtain the presidential paper forms 
79- Saeed Abdel-Halim - First special-needs candidate
80- Amir Salem - Lawyer

Update: More than 200 people have obtained the presidential nomination forms on the first day of the grace period. Ahmed Shafiq, former Egypt PM, was the first person to obtain a nomination form.

An incredible Thank You to Hany Rasmy @Hany2m for providing more than half of the entries on this list, and helping me research its entries and verify their information. Couldn't have done it without him. Hany is a must follow on Twitter.

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