Monday 30 April 2012

How Much Does An Egyptian Member Of Parliament Make?

Egyptian Member Of Parliament (MP) Basem Kamel of the Egyptian Social Democratic Party answered this interesting question on February 29th, but we only noticed today apparently when the "We Are All Khaled Said" page posted it. According to Kamel, an Egyptian MP makes a standard of LE7925 per month (~$1320 at a LE6=$1), LE150 per general session ($25), and LE75 per committee session ($12.5), with sessions grossing an average LE3000 per month ($500).

Best thing about this tweet? The ending. He said: "You have a right to know, and we owe it to you that you know."

I think that this is possibly the first time in Egypt's modern history that we find out the salaries of MPs.

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