Sunday 29 April 2012

Why Al-Nour Chose Abul-Fotouh?

Picture from AMAY

I don't know.

According to news outlets, the Salafi party voted by more than 80% internally to support the considerably much more liberal Abdel-Mon'eim Abul Fotouh, with around 15% going to the MB/FJPs Mohammed Morsy, and less than 3% going to Selim El-Awwa. The votes took place on three levels, according to a journalist calling Television host Amr Adeeb. Al Nour's MPs, said the journalist, had a poll amongst them, the Salafi Call Council voted amongst itself, and the High Committee of Al-Nour also had a vote. All three votes chose Abul-Fotouh with margins crossing 75%. That same journalist said that El-Awwa and Morsi actually attended the announcement of the results of the votes, while Abul-Fotouh didn't. 

A few explanations were floated around, including (for example) the belief that Al-Nour simply believed Morsy had no real chance of winning, and that they didn't want to back a candidate they didn't see as strong. But one seems to be more interesting. That explanation, which has wide support, argued that this represents a growing fear inside Al-Nour and certain Salafi movements of a complete dominance by the MB and the FJP over both the Presidency and Parliament, and that it was more beneficial and pragmatic to maintain a more competitive political environment, and for Al-Nour to retain its independence. Of course, this is mere speculation. It will be interesting to see if this critical endorsement would affect Abul-Fotouh's relatively progressive rhetoric.

But I don't know.

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