Monday 16 April 2012

Video: How And Where Do They Make The iPad

Like your shiny iPad and want to know how and where they make it? There was much recent controversy surrounding the working conditions at Foxconn (already an ominous name), the Chinese factory in Shenzhen where they make many Apple products. Recently, a string of suicides and suicide attempts hit the infamous factory, prompting accusations that it treats its workers like robots, and even forcing the company to install nets in certain parts from where people are likely to jump to their deaths. Despite all of this, it remains considered as one of China's best places to work for a factory job (I have been to Chinese factories in Shenzhen, and I somewhat concur), and in this video you can see 500 people arriving in one day alone to apply for work in Foxconn. Here's a look inside life inside Foxconn and how they make the iPad. As you could tell, this video has a more positive spin.

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