Wednesday 1 June 2011

Fact Check

Fact Checks!

Here's the idea. Below are samples, then the descriptions.

I want to do small pieces and entries, based on any of the formats above in those three links, or any other suggested format that works, but preferably in bullet point form, and short.

The idea is to tackle long term, medium and current news confusions or debates that are based on "facts", not theories. For example, when people say "is this legal or illegal?", or "does Capitalism/Socialism say you must do this or that?", or "did s/he really do/say this/that?", "if this happens, then that will be the consequence?", "do the constitutional amendments affect article 2 of the constitution?", "would this law turn everyone into monkeys?", and so on. If you open the above three links you will get a better idea of what I meant.

The most important thing is credibility and presentation. Everything has to be well researched to death. If people find mistakes that could have been avoided, the entire credibility of the project will be affected.

I don't want you to do anything beyond your regular schedule. Choose something that you CARE about or find IMPORTANT, and you can have help of course from anyone you need. You can add a link at the end to your blog and/or twitter account and/or Facebook page :)

You should cite some sources whenever possible. Wikipedia is not preferable of course, but you can use it to find other sources :)

Writing is preferably in Arabic, as the target is Egypt, Tunisia and The Arab World (pieces about other countries of course are allowed). But you can also write in English if you need to, or if you want to address a foreign audience.

Also, I prefer again pieces about FACTS, not opinions, although the conclusion of the piece CAN BE "We cannot know for sure". For now, do not focus on anything that could get the blog in unreasonable trouble :))) let's build the concept first, then expand.

If you want to send a piece, just send it to bassemwrites (at) gmail (dot) com (im writing it like that here to prevent spam, sorry)

What do you think? Discuss in commentary below :) I hope you can help.

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